The One Touch Solution to Stop Credit Card Skimmers

30% of businesses leave your credit card open to hackers.

Fight Back with One Touch Credit Skimmer Detection from DeScammer™.


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Detect to protect™

Use deScammer™ to protect yourself from credit card fraud. Press the button and our portable fob device will detect credit card skimmers at gas stations, ATMs or anywhere thieves try to steal your personal credit card info. Green means you’re transaction is safe . . . red means watch out! A skimmer is detected. One touch detects if your credit card transaction is safe.


How our device works.

Our first product, the deScammer, was developed to identify NFC/Bluetooth-enabled credit card skimming devices within a 30-ft radius of the user. It is a physical device that, when activated, can scan your immediate surroundings and identify signals emitted by credit card skimming devices. If no skimming devices are detected, it will signal green. If a device is detected, it will signal red.


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46% of Americans have been affected by credit fraud.


Feel safer at gas stations and ATMs with deScammer™


"Skimming is still alive and well."

— ABC News (Dateline)